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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Most important thing every Canberra poly should do NOW - weed out the wacko stuff 

Go back and make sure you , like Anna Bligh, aren't being conned or being part of a con ( A con associated with careless green waffle - wacko stuff) . Sure QLders have other reasons to gripe, but the growth of KAP is due in large measure to "No Cap" being put on careless spending on buying green tokens. Your electorate and Shires are stalemate places where
1. if you have money to invest, it will be taken off your citizens to create biodiversity lists and lawyer stalls on the subject. The nogo zones don't end inside parks -your planning bodies are filled with arguments about small amounts of vegetation when they should be about getting large areas of REAL biodiversity gain.
2. If you don't have money some will be given you, even if you are upper middle class and don't have anywhere to plant the tree you have been given . Above your head you will get wool whether you are the best person to get it or not .
The green nannies are upon us. They know what we need ! Like fun! Why do support them if they don't?
POint is green talk is fine provided it makes sense. The Greens don't make sense and yet with all the noise some of the waffle has infiltrated your Councils and public bodies . Find it and gete rid of it before we 're all living in bark huts and eating possum ( if you are lucky)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another dumber than dumb moment in Australia's history 

MPCCC think they can name the innovation - oh dear!
we will all see how clever they really are in a week or so . Another dumb and dark moment in Australia , the not so clever history of patronising rather than supporting its innovators with the objective science of sustainability. Our parliament has failed to even name the problem . No wonder Greenlabor can get so far out of touch .

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Rudd really the problem ? 

Yesterday's Australian had Kevin Rudd in its sights . Laborites unhappy with all the political wussiness need to remember only one thing . Most of it comes clearly from Cabinet .
Wongs grand entourage wanders while Labor's reputation for talking simple kindergarten nonsense burns holes in every roof they try to cover . If you think about it , Rudd might have said something about climate change , but he's not the one whose failed to deliver on it. Wongs reliance on the market is hypocrisy and stupidity of the highest order.
Is Gillard any different. Most thinking Aussies might wonder about Garrett but he's the most consistently sound talker amongst em . Wong by comparison says the same thing over and over again suggesting the politics is simple;whose simple ere eh ?

Maybe the unhappy campers need to recognise that Kevin is and was their best choice. He's kept the mess under wraps! a good leader ?
If Labor want to survive another term they better deal with the internal mess or they will be history and the federal dream with it

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blowing the budget - bigtime 

Real leaders can say No- especially when the children get a bit noisy.and especially when times are tough .

But to act well in a household you have got to understand it how ecomia works . How the childlike need to be dealt with.
Nothing undermines Labors credibility than their widespread inability to deal with the childlike; those who have to have their own way, whatever the cost. Roxon gives in to parents who use ABC learning centres and now Brumby gives in to parents who aren’t parents.( The ART Act).
Nothing better symbolizes their empty shell of an ecosystem than this continuing rush to put the household’s spare cash into new walls and ceilings.

It’s a form of blinkered madness to create yet another overvalued asset, when our homes just need something to sit on, and our leaders just need to act like leaders, recognizing their interests are totally outside of the household ……and the ball park

Thursday, December 06, 2007

How wise is Rudd 

To sign Kyoto so early . He could have waited till July when the power really kicks in ? Perhaps he did what the fearmongers wanted him to do and signed Kyoto in a rush . Will he prove to be his own man, or just a puppet for the dark greens?

Why doesn't he put his money where his mouth was and take stock first
Should he have waited till he had political authority to change energy investments and the world .
Till his team had time to get the challenges he faces to make big change into perspective . Iill he really knew what the books say . Iill he really knew how all these cuurently sloppy carbon trading arguments can wreak as much havoc as prime mortgage market tensions will , and so on.

Maybe he could sign it because kyoto is worth no more than the paper its printed on .

Complacency the killer 

Conservatives may have the deeper bath in which to splash, but were they swimming on top when the election came ?
The big problem on the party’s part seems to be a lack of awareness of their own complacency and your failure to dig deep into the foundations that still drive both sides of politics to mine the conservatives traditional territory .

Friday, November 23, 2007

Father and mother Christmas- not a good look 

Nothing undermines liberal party credibility more than its failure to use the last 11 years to do what its world view said it should do - make governance work more efficiently .
So what drives the growing bureaucracy and father and motherhood gift giving ; the sort of stuffup that drives those of us that used to work for the public service mad and often out --- in short its their Project and paper focus instead of people focus - Canberra is too far away to commit to people. Instead od people focus we get paper trail focus.sadly it refelcts badly on libs faith in trusting professionals to do jobs they once trained to do ( on the job in the security of organistaions that had a PS focus - not a paper focus like they do now!!!!!)

Today we had the local member open a shade shelter for $50000, the schoolteacher got the grant by "putting a lot of effort into writing a good submission " to quote his political mentors ( "5 minutes the author said" )
Next year the money will be for a water tank ---the year after, who knows. Each grant could have employed a person for a year . the libs are worse than labor cause they won't stop doing it -- they can't see they are fad driven in a way which their forefathers weren't - probably because the old libs cultivated advisers they could trust instead of the dumb cul de sac of commercial in confidence and commerce knows best.
The libs biggest mistake this year ( work choices) was in that vein knowing who to trust - employers need an the edge tis true, but taking away the average jo blow's( casual worker) opportunity to a say no to every casual offer is NOT FAIR .
Call up Canberra on the line - don't think so ! How far away can canberra be and still survive?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A matter of mere money, or quantity , surely 

Mr Turnbull types are just what Howards team needs . Persons who are confident and who do not let the complex issues of governance get in the road of solving them - get through " the stuff " types . He knows a lot about water - lots more than Treasury do it seems - he's strong enough to go out into the catchmnets and procliam the gospel of "we can do all things through the treasury who doth finance us" .and like money , water is only important for its volume.

Mt Turnbull types are just what Howards team needs,provided they can see past their own ignorance ,,,
Mt Turnbull types are just what Howards team needs but Mt Turnbull is not what Howards team needs . He's too shallow and focused on the mere maths of the problem - a numbers man .

Paradoxically the mere maths merchants are being alienated . "Treasury don't know anything about water" , but he does he says !
Below the surface scratching of the moment is a issue called water quality . while the dummies ( incl state _ are focused on the temperal and superficail issue of mere quantity, the more concrete and ball tearing issues of quality will probably undermine the credibility of the grand water plan.

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